September 10, 2015

Zulama and Meet our New "Learning Commons" Specialist

Have you heard about the "Zulama" room?  High School Teacher Rachael Fryman has taken this project on with gusto. Zulama is the new high school course that offers project-based learning while students develop portfolios and skills they need to be successful in today’s global workforce. What skills you ask? We are using something students love, video games, to "hook" them.  They are developing problem-solving and thinking creatively skills they need to earn jobs in a digital world.It’s the perfect blend of technology and creativity, and it’s what employers are looking for.

So, there is good news and bad news and good news. Stay with me. 

Good News!

I am excited to tell you that Rachael Fryman has agreed to take the position of the Edgewood District "Learning Commons" Specialist.  I know this is a new term for us. However, it is a great phrase to add our vocabulary. A Learning Commons is a full-service learning, research, and project space. The library of the 21st century!

Rachael is BEYOND ECSTATIC! Anyone who knows Rachael knows that this has been her dream job since her Mom and Dad took her to the public library when she was a child. She has so many fabulous ideas to transform our High School media center into a 21st Century Learning Commons. 
She will be designing and maintaining a place that will encourage exploration, creation, and collaboration between students, teachers, and possibly the community.


Rachael will be stepping away from the Zulama Classroom.


Kris Korty has agreed to take over the Zulama Classroom. We were a little worried about who could fill the shoes of Rachael, and then Kris stepped forward. Kris will be GREAT. His tech skills are high, and growing every day. I have to study nightly just to keep up with him.

Good Luck Rachael! 

Good Luck Kris!

I promise to keep you all posted on what is going on with these projects over the year!

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