January 27, 2016

Google Forms + Flubaroo = Easy Peasy Formative Assessment

I hope you have discovered that Google Forms with the Flubaroo Add-On is the ticket to more time to plan instruction and less time spending grading! The results will be inserted on a new sheet on your form and results can be e-mailed to students.

It's simple, fast, and FREE! Need some help? Check out the Flubaroo website at http://www.flubaroo.com/

Here are a few quick steps:

1.  Create the quiz using Google Forms.  Add three questions at the beginning of the survey: first name, last name, and e-mail address. 
2.  As a teacher, take the quiz. Your results will be the answer key.
3.  Go back in to Google Spreadsheets. 
4.  Click on Add-Ons and search for Flubaroo.
5.  Click on the Add-Ons tab and you will now see Flubaroo.

6. Click on Add-On --> Flubaroo > Grade Assignment. 
7.  Answer the on screen prompts.
8.  Your quiz is now graded.  The results are on a new sheet ready for you to view and even e-mail to students!

I would love to meet with you and walk you through the process. Just let me know a good time and I will be there!

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