December 30, 2015

A Quick and Easy Review to Progress Book's Data Map

Progress Book DataMap


DataMap is a student analytics tool that collects, aggregates, and displays trending and historical assessment result data for the following types of assessments:
state standardized assessments – OAA and OGT • other state assessments – OTELA, KRA-L, etc.
third-party assessments – created by outside assessment providers (DIBELS, ACT, SAT, STAR)
You can search for and display this data in various formats to help you analyze the information and identify trends and specific areas in which students may need additional instruction.

Access  DataMap Through Progress Book

Student Roadmap DataMap’s Student Roadmap gives you an overview of a single student’s information and lets you drill down on any section to view more details. On this screen, you can view a student’s demographic information, interventions, current school year summary, and historical test scores.

To access a Student Roadmap, click on the arrow to the left of their name on your progress book home page.
To view a student’s home address location on Google Maps, click to  located in the Demographics section.
You can view the student’s total days absent for each school year in the Attendance section.
You can view the student’s State Assessment  Historical Information in the State Assessment Historical section.

Select the subject for which to view the student’s assessment scores.

You can view the students STAR reading and STAR math scores in the Data Points History Tab

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