August 22, 2015


Formative assessments are an important way to meet our students' learning needs. When we can see what our students know (or don't know) we can better adjust our teaching to meet them right at their level. Beyond giving feedback, the best formative assessments help students recognize and value the process of learning, not just the outcomes. These reflective, metacognitive moments can foster kids' genuine excitement, engagement, and lifelong learning.
You and I have visited several sites that offer digital assessment methods.  However, this week I have what I believe to be the very best online assessment I have ever seen

Can I just say "Wow"? 

  • It's FREE
  • It can be used on ANY device that has an Internet connection 
  • Students do not need to log in! (No wasted class time!) 
  • You see real time results of all of your students at one time. Yes, you can watch all of your students work on the same problem at one time. 

Let me introduce you to Formative.

I can already hear you.  "Robin, I don't have time to create an assignment." I saved the best part for last.  You just drag any assignment you have in!  Still don't believe me?  Well, spend the next one minute and eleven seconds watching this: 

I suspect (hope) there will be several Edgewood teachers signing up for Formative this week.  I hope you will let me know how it is going.  You know I am here to help if you need me! 

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