May 13, 2015

Ms. Brooklyn Johnson

I believe this is going to be my favorite post on "Talking Tech with Robin".  I am not only going to get to brag on an Edgewood graduate, but also two faculty members.  It's a three for one! 

Ms. Brooklyn Johnson, daughter of High School teachers Sandy and Ben Johnson, has been selected to do her student teaching in Liverpool, England!  How exciting for Brooklyn!  

The best part is that Brooklyn has decided to blog about her adventures.  You can read Brooklyn Goes To Europe here. 

PLEASE take some time this summer to check in with her and encourage her through the comment section.

*Attention High School ELA teachers: This would be an excellent blog to show your students.  I believe we should encourage our students to blog. When students are asked to write for an audience outside of their class, they are more motivated, learn more and they write better than if they only wrote for their teacher.  Please contact me and I will help you set up blogs for your 2015-16 students.  

From Brooklyn's Blog:
"Hello! I am a senior in college at Ball State University working towards my bachelors degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in reading. This summer I am taking my passion for education over seas. I am from a small town in Ohio called Trenton. I am going to be attending Liverpool University in England this summer as well as doing my share of backpacking across Europe! Growing up as a kid I have always listened to my Uncle and relative tell stories about all their time spent traveling in Europe, so needless to say this trip is something I have been wanting to do since as long as I could remember. Thank you for taking the time to read about my experiences in Europe. "
Who do you think cried at the airport? Ben or Sandy?

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