January 4, 2015

A First for Edgewood City Schools

Congratulations to Kris Korty and Melissa Brown.  These two high school teachers recently stepped out of their comfort zone and gave their final exam online.

 A first for the Edgewood City Schools!  

Kris  has been using the LMS (Learning Management System) Coursesites, for his High School American History class. Using Coursesites  he has been able to blend his instruction, weaving online and face to face assignments.  When his students log in to their classroom they can see their assignments, any communication from Kris, and their current grade.  This system was perfect for his final exam. His students had their review posted in advance, took the exam, and knew their grade before leaving the class.

Melissa decided to use Testmoz. Testmoz is a free test generator that supports 4 question types, automatically grades, and provides a detailed report. Testmoz gives your students a code so there is no need for registration.

Now, let me tell you about the cool geek stuff!  We were able to "lock down" Kris Korty's classroom set of chrome books while his students were taking the test.  When his students opened the Chromebook they went directly to his test page and nowhere else! We disabled access to browse the web or take screen shots.  I'm not so sure the students liked it, but from the ed tech end, it was way cool!

So, would you like to try an online assessment?  Would you like to use an LMS? Let me know, and we will work together to make it happen!

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