October 7, 2014

EMS Tablet Success!

Take a look at the project that 8th-grade teacher Karen McKinley is doing in her language arts class.   She designed a Jigsaw activity to accompany the novel her class is reading, A Long Walk To Water.  Karen uses the Learning Managment system "Edmodo" .  This gives Karen's students a centralized place for all of their learning materials and assessments.
Using the Edmodo app, students logged into their accounts on their tablet.  They found their group folder and began working on the groups presentation.  Inside the folder was the materials needed to complete the activity.  When I walked into the room, the teams were working together, and Karen was meeting with each team to monitor the progress.

Mrs. Oswalt and Mrs. Salyers have had success using the tablets with Newsela, a program that provides daily news articles from top national and regional newspapers, all written at five reading levels.  All EMS teachers should be using the PRO version of this software.  Using the PRO version teachers will be able to track students' reading process and mastery of Common Core standards through the embedded quizzes.

Beth Hensley and Tera Gullett have used the Socrative App to give their students a quiz in math.  Using Socrative is just like using clickers.  Socrative is a student response system that is very easy for both the teacher and the students.  (Clickers)

I can think of several ways for you to use this easy web tool.
Take a quick snapshot of student learning with the "Quick Question" feature.

 While watching a video activate the "short answer" feature and ask a question.
  •  Ask “What do you think the character will say next?” (future tense)
  •  Ask “Write a two sentence summary of what’s happening.” (sentence creation,
  • open-ended observation)
  •  Ask “Describe the scene using at least three new adjectives.” (new vocabulary)
  •  Ask ” What did the main character do?” (past tense)
Bell Work
Exit Ticket: There is even a template!
Here is the user guide to Socrative.  I am available if you need help.

I found this on Rachael Fryman's Pinterest board.  Take a look...I bet you will find yourself morphing and not even know it.

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