September 1, 2014

A GREAT Beginning of the Year!

The students of EHS are feeling something different when they walk in to school this year.  Yes, practically every classroom has a chrome cart; however, the excitement they are feeling is from their teachers!  More and more teachers are diving into the "Google Classroom" pool.

Classroom is a new tool that has been designed to go hand-in-hand with Google Apps for Education Teachers can save time, keep classes organized, and improve communication with students.

Sixteen Edgewood High School Teachers* have quickly discovered that Google Classroom enables them to create a "class" at the touch of a button. They can upload syllabus materials, whether text, audio or video, and send out assignments on the class news feed.

Teachers see instantly who has turned in their homework. They can start a class discussion and provide feedback and grades; students can see what's due and what's late. The whole package integrates with the rest of Google's apps, like Google Docs.

That is not the only exciting news coming from the High School.  We have several other teachers who are using other Learning Management Systems.  Kris Korty, Casey Wells, and Eric Pletz are using Course Sites; Zach Ewen is using Haiku, and Chris Holland has designed a Google Site that includes several new generation tools.

There is excitement at the Middle School.....the TABLETS ARE COMING!  I spent two exciting days with EMS math and language arts teachers in preparation. It was so exciting to see and hear the teachers as they plan all of the activities they will be able to accomplish.  The most impressive part about our teachers is that they were all very aware of the online safety of our students.

What's next?  ALEKS and STARS

Cari Vangen
Stephanie Johnson
Katie Vogel
Sarah Dreger
Rachel Anderson
Sabrina Gowswell
James Coniff
April Craft
Greg Brown
Katie Schmit
Eli Johnson
Rose Harvey
Brittany Warmoth
Jill Domaschko
Kari Sams
Linda Porter
Jason Pierce 


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