June 8, 2014

Class DoJo with a Secondary Twist

Have you seen Class DoJo? It is a free web, iOS, and android app that is designed to help with classroom management and student engagement. It's an excellent tool to keep track of student behavior, attendance, and to connect with parents. Elementary teachers are wild over it and using it daily! 

However, it is a bit too rudimentary for secondary students and teachers, or is it?  Would your toes start to tingle just a little bit if I told you we could tweak it and you could track student standards? (Pow! Bam! Wham!Take that Admin Evaluator!) 

Let me show you how. When you first login to Class DoJo you are presented with two options; Demo Class or Add a New Class.  Go ahead and click Demo Class and play around with it to get comfortable before we go on.  

Now, let's create your class.  After clicking on "Add a New Class" add the details of your class. 

Click "Copy/paste list" to enter your students

After typing in your students, click save.

You will be presented with your class list, click next. 
Now you are presented with the behavior screen. HOVER YOUR CURSOR OVER THE BEHAVIOR TO CHANGE IT. 

Are you getting the idea?  If this hasn't knocked your socks off, you need to take your pulse. 

If you have just a little more time you can easily set this up for your students to receive a weekly report on their "behaviors"  ACCOMPLISHMENTS!  We don't celebrate our student success enough! 

My suggestion? From the dashboard click on the "invite parents and students" link found at the bottom of the class box.  I believe it would be less time consuming if you had your students come and  type in their email address in the "Type Parent Email" box.   

Make sure you have taught your students to bake a cake with a file in it just in case the "parent email" police are watching and you are arrested for providing student emails instead of parent emails.  👮

This post was inspired by Hamilton County ESC consultant Allison Curran.

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