May 13, 2014

In a Perfect World

"In a perfect world, doing research would simply mean you could shout your question out the window and have an answer shouted back to you. In a perfect digital world, you could type your research topic into Google and immediately have your research done for you. While most of us are unlikely to try the first method of research, all of us have probably done the second. "

W.CCR.8–that’s the 8th College and Career Readiness anchor standard within the Writing strand of the Common Core State Standards for ELA / Literacy–reads as follows:

Gathering relevant information from multiple print and digital sources, assessing the credibility and accuracy of each source, and integrating the information while avoiding plagiarism.
If our students are going to graduate being college and career ready, they will need to master this skill. With the rapid development of technology, it may be the most important 21st century skill.

While working on multigenre research projects EMS teacher Stephanie Johnson has begun working on this standard. A multigenre project enables students to explore a topic in which they are interested and produce various genre pieces, a portfolio, and a pursuit on their topic. Students must research, compile information, synthesize, and produce works in a different way than the more traditional research paper.

Please click here to Annie Patricks's  portfolio. 

I believe that Jennifer Chillman has also touched on this standard with the following projects in her HS marketing class.

Students will explore vacation destinations around the world to develop an understanding of exchange rates and the value of the dollar in other countries. Each team will conduct thorough research of multiple vacation destinations and then select the one that team members believe would allow a person to get the most for $3000 not including airfare. The team will then develop an interactive Glog/digital poster that creatively explains their vacation destination choice, incentives involved, the exchange rate, and expenses incurred during the weeklong vacation.

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