April 20, 2014

Two Great Tech Projects, Three Great EMS/EHS Teachers

Yay for Science , Math & Technology!

I received this email from Miss Mrs. Brittany Hamilton Warmoth.  

"We usually do a newton's laws lab activity with making a "Newton's Cradle" out of golf balls, fishing wire, etc. ...the kids really like it but its a pain because it takes a long time and often our results are skewed because the cradles are not made exactly to scale. ;-)
Found a newton's cradle app created by "geekyouup" that was awesome! There are actually quite a few, but I thought this one was great! It was extremely realistic and the kids even ask to use it/play now that we are finished with the unit! (if they complete other assignments.)"  

Congratulations Brittany!  
We wish you love and happiness as you begin this exciting journey.  

Mrs. Tara Gullett and Mrs. Beth Hensley have been experimenting with Blendspace, a FREE place on the web for students and teachers to organize and share information on the web, measure student understanding and track student progress in real time.  Tara and Beth started flirting with Blendspace, with a few small lessons, and then BAM! They hit their students with this! 

Click here to see the lesson

The Blendspace they designed was about  Equations and Functions. There are fifty-one slides to this activity and is designed for students to work on independently. The students were led to online lessons (Learn Zillion), games, quizzes, videos, and other online learning activities.  They were able to have their students in a lab for an entire week. 

Here are some benefits that I saw as I observed.
Students knew exactly what website to go to.  There was no wasted time repeating the URL and helping students log in. 
Students were all working at their own speed. 
Students who understood the concept were able to work on their own which freed the teacher(s) to work with the students who needed help. 
I observed 100% of the students participating in the lesson. 
I observed zero discipline problems. 
I am not going to sugar coat this; it took several hours to prepare this lesson. However, look at the benefits.  I am going to be interested in how these students test on Equations and Functions.

Congratulations Tara and Beth!  A beautiful lesson. 

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