March 7, 2014

Your Room Can be as Exciting as an Apple Store!

Your Room Can be as Exciting as an 

Apple Store

Have you ever been in am Apple Store?  You are immediately caught up in the energy and excitement. You pause and try to get your bearings and eventually pick up a device and start playing. You may note that there are small group lessons going on at tables, people providing individual assistance all around, and at the back of the store is a genius bar where you can find answers to your specific questions.  As an educator, I'm sure you realize that there is real learning going on all around you.

This is what I call Blended Learning.  I was introduced to this concept during the Blended Learning PD on February 28.  Our guest, Marcia Kish, met with 15 secondary teachers in the morning and 15 elementary teachers in the afternoon. We are all excited to share with you what we have learned as Edgewood begins their journey towards Blended Learning. We just barely scratched the surface of using the Blended Learning model. Click here to learn more. If you are interested in getting in on the ground floor of this fascinating adventure, please contact me. I don't want to leave anyone out who is interested.

Let's take a quick look at whats going on around EMS and EHS this week.

Mr. Ahler's Pre-Algebra Student impresses
his class with his mad math skills. 

Mrs. Gambrell's students work on Google Maps

Students in Mrs. Oswalt and Mrs. Salyer's room collaborate. 
The Next Great American Novelist? 

Mrs. Hensley's and Mrs. Gullett's students work
on nearpod.

Chromebooks in the HS classroom! 
I can't wait to see what next week brings!  I know that Jacob White, Alex Ahlers and the EMS Art Department each have a little project up their sleeve.  Stay Tuned! 

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