February 26, 2014

Attention All Math Teachers! TenMarks

Wait until you see what we have found for our math students!  This is a math teacher's dream come true!  Take a look at Tenmarks. We fell in love with their site because it met two critical requirements: free and functional.  Simply put, it doesn't cost a penny, and it is easy to use. 

TenMarks is a service that offers an online mathematics program designed to supplement your in-classroom mathematics instruction. 

Within TenMarks teachers create class rosters and accounts for their students.  After creating rosters teachers can assign practice problems to students. Teachers can assign problems based on the Common Core Standards that their students are trying to reach.  Teachers with Chrome carts, this could become your bell work! Middle School teachers, book your students into a lab and let them work on TenMarks once a week. 

TenMarks provides an efficient way to provide practice problems and track students' progress. The information gathered about students' progress can be used to influence the creation of lesson plans tailored to students' specific needs.

When students work on TenMarks, they have access to hints and video lessons on EVERY problem, so if they can't recall something, or didn't quite get the topic when it was covered in class, they can quickly review the content, and move forward. Immediate support improves motivation and builds confidence, and our data shows that it does wonders for student outcomes.

Once your students are enrolled, TenMarks provides you with a letter to send home that has the students log-in information.  Students and parents can log-in any time to work on their math or review their progress. 

Are you sold yet?  No? When a student completes an assignment, TenMark instantly grades their work and encourages them to review incorrect answers.   Think of the hours a week you will save with AUTOMATIC GRADING!

BONUS: Math Madness is coming!
Starting March 3rd, you can enter your class in this year's Math Madness contest. Students show off their math-tastic skills and class entries compete for weekly and overall prizes. Jam Session is a NEW innovative way to ensure students master core math skills. No purchase necessary. Contest entry period ends 4/13/14. See Official Rules. Learn More 

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