January 27, 2014

Ohio Tech Conference Day One

This morning I went to a learning session titled "Get the "Scoop" on Easy-to use Curation tools for your district, classrooms and student projects."   I'm happy that I did because I certainly walked out of the session knowing more then I did walking in.  The session was presented by two very sharp ladies from INFOhio; Cathie Cooper and Melissa Higgs-Horwell.  

Curation?  "Content curation is the art of finding, selecting, contextualizing, personalizing and illustrating relevant information items on a specific topic and for a specific audience." Robin Good

Cathie and Melissa used the following analogy; finding information on the Internet is like getting a drink of water from a fire hydrant.  Where should we start?  Sometimes, it is just too much...don't give up my friends. Help has arrived.  

Wait until you see all of the resources I have to share with you that Cathie and Melissa have already curated.  YOUR TECH TOES WILL TINGLE.  Please don't get too caught up in all of the resources.  Be thinking about the curation "tool" they used so that when it comes time for you to start curating, you will have someplace to start.  
Thank you Cathie and Melissa for a great session. 

INFOhio Curriculum Toolbox: Wait until you see these "toolboxes" on the instructional shifts.  These curations are made with "Scoop-It".  Using the FREE tool Scoop-it, teachers and students can collate work from online publications and transform them into an online magazine format, and this visual impact alone makes it very effective.

Look at the resources on the INFOhio Pinterest page.  My personal favorite?  Book Pairings for High School. No, Wait!  Steampunk Books and Resources. No, Wait!  Infographics......You get the idea; you need to check this one out!  Do you think you could use a pintrest page? Do you already have one?  I would love to hear about it! 

Have you heard about symbaloo?  Here is a Symbaloo  Melissa put together on curation tools.  Symbaloo allows you to set up a “web mix” of tiles, each tile linking to your favorite websites.  You can colorize the tiles, add short titles, and even a small image.  You can then post the link on your class’s web page for all to access.  

These are just three of MANY curation tools you have yo choose from, and just like all things tech, new ones are being added almost daily.  When you are ready to start your own curation adventure, contact me and we can tackle it together. 

I'll leave you with one thought.  Did you know that the CCSS has the word "publish" in them 17 times? Could our students become curators? Hmmm.....

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  1. Robin - Thank you for sharing what you are learning there with us! I can "see" the twinkle in your eye and sense your excitement though these posts!