November 25, 2013

Publishing, Communicating, Creating and Commenting Online

I know you are aware that the Common Core ELA standards call for publishing, communicating, creating and commenting online.  Did you know these actually apply to ALL content areas, not just ELA? Students are expected to be able to collaborate, comment and publish posts and comments effectively and properly.  

Take a look at the blogs that Rachael Anderson's students have started.  

Rachael started with these instructions.....

Colors are used as major symbols throughout The Great Gatsby. For this assignment, you will create a Blog post about symbolism and what different colors represent in literature!

Review the definition of symbolism!

Step 1: I will assign you a color.

Step 2: You will briefly research the symbolism of this color and use your own knowledge to understand what that color might represent when used in a novel.

Step 3: Think of different objects/things/people/places/emotions that might fit that representation.
Ex. The color purple often represents royalty, so I might think of a purple crown and cloak that a King would wear back in the 1800’s.

Step 4: Based on your information, think about a place in The Great Gatsby where your assigned color might be used to add to what is happening and/or the characters.

Step 5: Write your Blog post about your assigned color.
and ended up with some amazing posts.  

I hope you will find time to read a few of these.  While your there, make their day and add a comment or two.

Rachael is not the only Super Star Blogging Teacher we have at the High School.  Chris Holland and April Craft are blogging with their freshmen class in the same way as Rachael.  

Kim Conner has a classroom blog  set up in a little different way that is ON FIRE!  

If you would like to explore blogging with your class, I'm only a click away! 

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