November 3, 2013

Mr. Boyle

Take a look at the great project Mr. Boyle and his students are doing in his math class.  

They have been working on slope intercept form of equations, the equations for horizontal & vertical lines, and last week began to work with absolute value equations. They also have been working on domain/range which allows the students to shorten the lines.  Mr. Boyle  has been creating challenges that allow the students to be creative but at the same time applying the ideas they had worked on in class with equations.

To complete these challenges his students used the free online graphing calculator, Desmos.  Mr Boyle likes to use it because "Desmos graphs your equations as you type them and redraws them as you alter your equations. The students have really enjoyed working with the Desmos software which allows them to save their work which is linked directly to their gmail account."

Students have been asking Mr. Boyle for more types of equations and ideas on how to do new things.  Some have even been  showing him videos they have found on YouTube and sketches made by others in hopes that he will be able to share some new ideas.

You have to see some of the AWESOME work our freshmen students are doing.  

Click here to see the 95 equations it took for 

It took David Howard 103 equations to design this house.

These are just a few samples.  Mr. Boyle has almost 100% of his students participating in this activity.  If you would like more information, I am sure he would be happy to share.  

Edgewood High School is proud of Mr. Boyle and are pleased to say that he is just ONE of the amazing teachers in our math department. 

Do you have a great project going on?  Don't be shy!  We want to hear about it!  Let me know so I can share! 

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