October 31, 2013

Docs, Blogs, and Mimio Mobile

Wow!  First quarter of the 2013-2014 has come and gone.  Unbelievable how fast time is going?  I am proud to tell you about a few of the tech projects we have going on at EMS and EHS.

Many of the Middle School Language Arts teachers are starting to see the benefits of using Google Docs in their classrooms. Jackie Creekbaum's students used a pre-made template to design a travel brochure. It was such a simple project.  After placing a template in the "Edgewood City Schools Templates"  (Google Drive > Create>Document >File> New>From Template) students selected the template and were ready to get to work.

Cyndi Yeckel continues to enhance her class using the collaborative features of Google Presentations.  After her students researched several different cultures they designed and presented Google presentations about schools in other countries.   Cyndi took one more technology step and had her students self and peer assess using a Google Form.

Susie Hoffman's class used Google Docs to write fictional stories.  Using Google had several benefits on the teacher side.  After the students shared their stories with Susie, she was able to use the comment feature to edit their papers. The very next day students were able to read the comments, fix their mistakes and turn in a perfect copy, Using Quick Time, included on the MacBooks, we recorded each student reading their story. Our plan is to turn recordings into a QR code to include with their writing. 

Ninth Grade computer application teacher Leslie Slaven and I were invited to be guest speakers at the Hamilton ESC “itslearning”  Lunch and Learn.  Teachers and administrators from Finneytown needed some ideas to help spark their interest in using the LMS itslearning.  Leslie did an outstanding job sharing what her freshmen classes have been able to accomplish this year.  The Finneytown media teacher was in attendance and was very impressed with the video project that Leslie shared. To be honest, his jaw dropped when she shared a sample.  I heard him say "I need to raise my expectations."  I was so proud of Leslie and the way she represented Edgewood High School.  

Rachael Anderson is the first High School Language Arts teacher to dive into the world of blogging followed closely behind by Chris Holland.  After the students set up and personalized their blogs they began they writing adventures. Work and family life teacher Kim Conner and Marketing teacher Jennifer Chillman have also started blogs. Higher order skills are required to maintain consistent posts on a blog. Through blogs we are teaching our students how to set up categories, add widgets, and how to tell the difference between a legitimate comment and a spammer. As our world moves ever closer towards the Internet as the main vehicle for communication, we feel that we are helping our students understand the language they will need to navigate this new territory.

High School teachers Bret Mustain, Matt Root, Kieron Boyle, Mark Pierett, Mark Blair, Kris Korty, Corrina Centers, Cari Vangen, and Katie Conley are now Mimio Mobile users.  These high school teachers now have full control of their computers from their tablet.  Their backs are no longer to their students. I am looking forward to getting more teachers up and going with Mimio Mobile.

Do you have a tech project you would like to talk about?  Please contact me soon!


  1. Great stuff. I've been using Google Docs for many years. It's very helpful and allows me collaborate with my students in real-time.

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