October 7, 2013

A Look Around

Today is October 7, my last blog post was September 15th.  The staff and students at EMS/EHS have been busy!  Let me tell you about what is going on!

Becky Oswalt, Brandy Salyers, Beth Hensley, Tara Gullet,  Kathy Jennings, Phil Lavelle, Billie Bowling, Rachael Frymen, Richard Grow, Nichole Dunn and Jackie Creekbaum have all been trained on the Promethean Active Expression Learning Response systems and are using them daily in their classroom.

I believe this technology will be of great benefit to these teachers and their students.  As I observed these students I saw a classroom full of engaged students. An entire classroom of 100% engaged students!

Rachael Anderson, Rose Harvey, Cari Vangen, Rachael Fryman Nichole Dunn and Nikki Myers participated in two days of VERY INTENSE training on our STAR Testing.  You will be hearing from them in future faculty PD sessions. The six of them are very excited about the test and the possibilities the results can bring to their teaching.  They are all anxious to share with you. Until then, if you have any questions about ANYTHING STAR, please ask them.  They are your building STAR reps.!  

On September 20th, a student in Holly Dainton's class was able to meet his pen pal via skype.  This student has been writing Edgewood Graduate Krista Proeschel.  Krista is currently serving in the United States Army and is stationed in Kuwait.   Edgewood Graduate Hayley Alfred is also stationed with Krista.

After the session was over I asked the girls one teacher they would like to say hello to.  Without hesitation they selected Jennifer Chillman.  After a chat with Mrs. Chillman, we took a walk through the halls during a class change.  Both girls we amazed at our new building. I asked the girls one last question, what is the one thing you miss the most?  Krista is misssing her mama's, Kim Proeschel's cooking.
Please contact me if you have a Skype project you would like to do.

Kim Connor has set up two blogs for her classroom.  Her "Life and Relationships" class blog is located here.    

"How do you think it will grow to be a forum for important class discussions?"
"I think this will be helpful for class discussion because personally, I'm shy and don't like talking out in class so this will show that I'm not just sitting there, chilling and not really paying attention, I actually am listening and understanding.
For other collaborative projects, I think that this will extend the amount and types of projects we are able to do. We can add to the amount of people we are able to communicate with instead of just talking within the few                                                         of us that are in this class. " Krystay Waldkoetter
Kim's "Fashion and Interior Design" Class blog started off asking students to reflect on the "Duct Tape Trash Bag Garment" project they just completed.   You can read this blog here.   Here is my favorite response.

"I thought this project was very interesting! I'm not used to doing things like this and it really made me step out of my comfort zone! I'm not really familiar with the color wheel so I had to really study it to get a feel and idea of what I wanted to do." Kalap Campos 

If you know these students and would like to leave them a response, click on "comments".

Cyndi Yeckel planned a great project in her World Cultures class. Her students are practicing their research skills by completing collaborative Google Presentations on Schools Around the World.  Cyndi assigned 3-4 students per group and had each group share the presentation with her.  She has been monitoring the students as they create and they will be presenting soon.  


I have heard of these up coming technology projects.
  • Ninth Grade Language Arts teacher Chris Holland will be setting up individual class blogs next week. 
  • EHS Marketing teacher Jennifer Chillman has an Inforgaphics project using Infogram.  
  • EMS teachers Becky Oswalt, Jackie Creekbaum, Susie Hoffman and Dixie Huff will all be   working on collaborating with Google Docs during this next week. 
Do you have a project coming up?  I would love to hear about it.  

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  1. If I can implement technology into my classroom any one can! Any way that you can engage a student in learning is always a step in the right direction of student achievement!