September 2, 2013

A Little Bit of a Sting!

The Common Core State Standards program represents a huge shift in what teachers teach and students learn in the K-12 grades. The standards, which are focused on college and career readiness, rely heavily on effective use of technology for instruction, collaborative learning, assessment and data analysis. 

So, we find ourself asking what is "effective"  use of technology?  The Florida Center for Instructional Technology has developed a "Technology Integration Matrix" to help guide the complex task of evaluating technology integration in the classroom.  This is a fantastic resource and will provide us  with models of how technology can be integrated throughout instruction in meaningful ways. 

I have a warning for you.  This may sting a little bit.   There are several educators in our district who believe they are indeed "integrating technology" into their classroom.  When we start to look at this matrix, you will see we have a long way to go.  However, we will take it slow and work together. 

So, let's dive in!  

Have you seen a classroom that looks like this? 

The setting is arranged for direct instruction and individual seat work. The students may have very limited and regulated access to the technology resources.
The teacher may be the only one actively using technology. This may include using presentation software to support delivery of a lecture. The teacher may also have the students complete "drill and practice" activities on computers to practice basic skills, such as typing.
Students receive information from the teacher or from other sources. Students may be watching an instructional video on a website or using a computer program for "drill and practice" activities.
According to the TIM (Technology Integration Matrix) the above setting is at an "Active, Entry level". Click here to see videos of a Math, Social Studies, Science and Language Arts Class using technology in their classroom at this level. 

So, let's be honest. How many of you saw yourself in the above picture.  OUCH! That is the lowest level on the matrix!  No problem!  There is no where else to go but up! 

What's Going on this week? 

 Middle School 
Several teachers completed the Summer Tech Academy Course "Assessing with Student Response".  This week we start the process of handing out the clickers to those teachers and getting them up and going.   

Middle School students will begin taking the STAR assessment this week. 

High School
This is the week that EVERYONE should be up and going with interactivity on their white board.  There is no exceptions!  You received an email last week with directions, and an additional email with a form for you to sign up if you need help.  If your board is not set up for interactivity and you need help, please click here

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