July 4, 2013


Take a look at ClipChoose.  It's a quick and easy way for you to compose video polls.  It's super easy to use and I can think of dozens of classroom uses.  

First, let's look at some samples. 

Remember I told you how simple it is....after you make your account you have four easy steps. 
  1. Click the 'Create' link 
  2. Make up a question for your poll.
  3. Paste in some Youtube video URLs. (You can add up to 8 videos) 
  4. Share your poll.
With video creation becoming an even easier task for students and teachers this tool will become very useful. 

Just think about the
government teacher who uses it to portray sides to differing political views.
marketing teacher who uses it to teach about advertising strategies. 
teacher who challenges their students to create a poll and use videos to support their responses.
class that uses ClipChoose to vote for their favorite student made video. 
language arts teacher who lets student choose their next class book by watching book trailers. 
music teacher who allows their students to choose their Grammy winners before the show. 
 administration that allows the faculty to choose their next speaker  

Can you think of other ways we could use ClipChoose

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