June 29, 2013

No Red Ink

I will admit it; I am from the generation of the "red ink" pen.  During my thirteen years as a student in the public education system, I'm positive my teachers purchased several inkwells full of "red ink".  In a nutshell, I was not a fan of "Grammar Lessons".

Well, take a look at the crazy new way I just found for our students to study grammar.  It's called NoRedInk!  The best way for me to show you this is for you to sign in to my test class.  Please follow these simple directions.  While you are doing that, keep in mind what a piece-of-cake this will be for your students.
  • Navigate your browser to http://www.noredink.com and enroll as a student.  Leave your email blank.  The class code is 00681171. 
  • Next, this is so cool, you get to decide what categories you want to use to be taught and tested grammar and usage issues.  
  • Please select Grade 7
  • Now, just check out your agenda

Here is what you should see. 

Go ahead a take the assignment for a test drive.

ImPrEsSiVe?  I would say so, but I am just getting warmed up.  Wait until you see all of the goodies that are packed in here! 

Now, remember, you are still in as a student.  Click on "Practice any skill you want!"
You will be presented with two choices.  If you select "Study Mode" you are allowed to fix mistakes right on the spot.   If you select "Quiz Me"  you will not know your mistakes until after the quiz.  

That's just a quick look at the student side.  You will simply not believe what is offered to you FREE as a teacher! 

With a teacher account you can:

  • Create a class 
    • Then give your students the class invitation code so they join.
  • Create a quiz 
    • Select the appropriate class in the drop down, and then click Create a Quiz .
    • Click Start Quiz or End Quiz when you want student to begin or stop.
    • You can also preview, edit, view results, and see answer keys for quizzes you create.
  • Create an assignment 
    • Select the appropriate class in the drop down, and then click Create an Assignment .
    • Click preview, edit, view results, and see answers for assignments you create.
  • View student progress 
    • Sort by class and grammar category to see specific results.
  • Enter "student mode" 

    • Click on Enter Student Mode in the navigation bar
    • This lets you view the site from the perspective of a student in your class. Students can take practice quizzes teacher-assigned assignments andteacher-assigned quizzes , and the site allows them to carefully track their progress.

    ALL FOR FREE! Thank you Jeff Scheur

    NoRedInk was created by Jeff Scheur, an English teacher at Whitney Young Magnet High School. After grading over 15,000 papers, he realized that to truly improve their grammar skills, students needed 1) more practice than they were getting; 2) immediate, differentiated feedback; and 3) a fun, interactive way to practice and get better. Teachers can’t possibly be expected to catch and help students fix every one of their misconceptions, so this was built as a teacher tool to help kids learn in a fun way. 


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