January 1, 2013

Learn Zillion

This weekend I learned about a new resource called Learn Zillion from a Twitter conversation. Learn Zillion offers asynchronous video lessons organized by the Common Core Standards.  I promise the quality and organization of the lessons will impress you.  

Click here for a math sample. 

The easiest way to use this resource is to assign students to watch these lessons.  However, If you want to assign multiple lessons to students, you may want to create a class. To do this, click on "Dashboard" in the green navigation bar and then on "New Class." Enter in the name of your class such as "Mr.Cougars' Class" or "Algebra--Period 4," and then enter in the full names (or name and first initial) of your students separated by commas. Click "Confirm" to finalize your class--you can always add or edit your class roster later. Each student in your class list will be assigned a unique enrollment code that allows Learn Zillion to match them with your class. You can print out these codes and pass them out to your students so that they can create a new LearnZillion account or enroll in your class using a pre-existing LearnZillion account.  

I hope you can take advantage of this amazing resource!  

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