December 20, 2012


Have you ever heard the phrase "KISS"?   
"Keep It Simple Silly"  
 That is exactly why I LOVE ThatQuiz

ThatQuiz is a FREE testing service for teachers to use with their classes. Multiple choice test and math tests can be administered to students using this website.  All grades are immediately reported to the students.  Teachers receive complete record keeping results, including all grades and wrong answers.


To see a good sample you will need to dive in and take a quiz.  These are the URL's to a few practice Quizzes. 


Designing your own quizzes could not be easier!  You can also browse the "Test" page and import quizzes other teachers have created and shared.  Over 300 quizzes ready for your class tomorrow! 

There is that bit of work at the beginning to set up your class.  However, once it is set up all you do is select the quiz and provide your students with the code!  KISS! 

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