April 7, 2012


A typical day in the EHS computer lab.

Students quickly come into my class, say hello to me and ask me how my day is going. (HA....Just seeing if you were really reading!) They actual hurry to their seats, log-on and get ready to .......LEARN? Now, we have all been there. We know they are wanting to get in just one game before we start class.
Do you fight the same battle?
I finally found the answer!
Have you seen Tutpup? Tutpup is a free educational website that allows kids to play timed math or spelling games against competitors from around the world- in real time! My students love it! It has become their favorite thing to do.

After choosing their level they are matched up with students all around the world.
Here are the categories.

Sample Algebra in the "Area 51" level

Sample Mixed Math in the "Smarty Pants" level

One of the benefits of this site is that students are self differentiating by choosing the area and level they are comfortable with.

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