April 16, 2012

3D Toad

No matter how much I work with it, technology always amazes me.  Take a look at 3D Toad.  This site is filled with images that we can zoom in to and rotate 360 degrees. The galleries include dissections, animal skeletons, human skeletons, music, geology, TRX workout, coral, yoga, fossils, history, ballet position, chemistry, emergency preparedness, dental program, and computer networking.

When you are in the 3D Toad web site you can hold down the left mouse button to rotate the graphic. To zoom in you simply double click.

Samples: (These are screen shots and will not be 360 degrees.  You will need to visit the web site to find the 360 images.)

Sheep Heart
Rat Skeleton

Human Leg

Guitar Chords 

TRX Workout


  1. Thank you for the write up!!


  2. These are truly wonderful features. It is amazing what heights of thoughtful display the executives and staff of National Geographics have taken their award-winning and much cited web site to. Congratulations.