January 7, 2012

When In Time

I love making Time Lines with my students.  I believe it brings their learning to a complete understanding.  I know of several online timeline makers and this afternoon I discovered another one to add to my tech tool box.

When In Time is a site that allows students to make free, collaborative, multimedia, embeddable time lines.  The creator of the timeline will need an account and once they start their timeline they can choose to settings for visibility, editing, and copying.

As a teacher you could set this up a couple of ways:

  • You could make one class account.  Go into the account and set up the timelines you would like the students to work on.  All students will sign into the class account, click on their assigned timelines and proceed to work.  
  • Students could all make individual accounts.  When In Time asks for an email address, however you could have students put in a fake address.  (I use firstname@cougars.com)  Students will need to remember the user name they set up so they will be able to collaborate with each other. (From experience: I would suggest they all set a uniform username.  I use first name, last two initials.) 

Here is a sample I found:

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  1. I haven't heard of this particular online site before. Thanks for sharing. I am going to add it to my list of Educational web 2.0 tools.