November 26, 2011


If you are fortunate enough to teach with a IWB (Interactive White Board) you need to check this amazing, FREE resource.  Triptico has been created by David Riley.  

Triptico is an application that can be downloaded and installed directly on to your desktop or dock.  The app includes 14 activities for use with your class and each activity allows editing so you can make it personal to your class. 

Activities included are...
  • Word Magnets - type in words that become magnets on screen, that can be moved around and placed in order. Possibilities include sentence building, word/meaning match games, synonyms, opposites etc
  • Class timer - perfect tool to create a quick class timer
  • Student selector - enter a class list and let the app pick a student for you
  • Two team scorer - great for class games
  • Student order - Enter a class list and display in random order
  • Student Magnets - class lists become magnets that can be moved around
  • Multi-team scorer - Create up to 9 teams for a scoreboard
  • Find Ten - my favourite, brilliant tool to make starter, plenary activities. Challenge class to find ten correct answers on the board
  • Order resource - enter details and get students to rearrange in correct order
  • Flip timer - timer that counts up from 0 not down
  • Student group - names of class can be put into randomly generated groups
  • Text spinner - enter some text and create a spinner
  • Image spinner - Instead of words it uses up to 6 images
  • Number challenge - just like the countdown numbers game but quite a challenge. Calculators required!

Thank you David!  I use your resource daily!  I believe the best part is that is sits on my dock and I often use it "on the fly."  It has saved me some crazy times during those dreaded last minutes of class.  

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