October 1, 2011

A Google Gold Mine

Today I came across the Google Search Education Evangelism. I believe that many times we think that our students know how to search for material.  If you take the time to watch the average student search, you know how important it is to teach this 21st century skill. 

Like usual,  anything with the word Google attached to it is top notch.  The Google Search Education Evangelism are amazing lessons  developed by Google Certified Teachers and the Search Education team. 

The site includes lessons search basics, advanced search, visualization and query formulation,  credibility and technical tools for search.   The best part is they all come with a companion master lessons presentations.  They are beautifully made and go hand in hand with the lesson.  


I made sure that these lessons were under Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike, so we can feel free to adapt them and use them as we see fit!  

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