October 9, 2011


My High School students are discovering the amazing capabilities of Google SketchUp.   As usual, my students very quickly passed me up in their proficiency.  A quick Google Search landed me at the site of the 3DVinci and I feel as if I have found my life jacket!

If you and your students work with Google SketchUP you should quickly head on over to the 3DVinci site.  The creator of the site, Bonnie Roskes is a  professional structural engineer; however, I have a sneaking feeling that teaching is her passion.  It quickly becomes obvious that she is in-tune with how this amazing software can be used in our classroom and how quickly our students begin to understand the difficult aspects of 3D. 

Bonnie has designed several free resources for teachers.  The teacher guide is an amazing gift she is giving to educators to help us get started.  I found this guide to be just enough to make me want more.  She has designed and published several books to use in the classroom.  I find these books to be very reasonable in priced and have ordered my first. My plan is to work my way through this book and continue to order the rest.  


Here a are a few samples of the 3D creations our students can create by following the directions in Bonnie's Model Metricks  series for ages 8 - 15, based on FREE Google SketchUp software. 

I have known about the Google Sketch up software for a long time; however, it all seemed so overwhelming.  My gratitude goes to Bonnie Roskes for not only making this software easy to understand but also fun.  

Let's keep the fact that we are having fun to ourselves.  We all know school should not be fun!  :)  

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