September 28, 2011

A Google a Day

When that tardy bell rings it is every teachers dream to have students in their seat busy working. For those of us who are fortunate to teach in a one-to-one school or a computer lab situation using A Google a Day can quickly turn chaos to calm.

A Google a Day combines two of my favorite things, Google and trivia. The trivia question appears at the bottom of the screen along with an answer box, timer and hint. Students simply do a Google search and then check to see if they got it correct by clicking, “Show answer.” The answer is then displayed along with tips on the best techniques to search for it.


What a great way to teach our students effective search techniques and keep their skills sharp! Thank you Google, for being a great friend to educators and students around the world!


  1. I came across A Google A Day last week. Unfortunately, I do not have any situation like the one you mentioned. However, I sometimes ask students to bring their laptops in; I am planning on taking advantage of that to use the app as a preamble to my class. Thank you and please keep sharing. You rock!

  2. Jose, THANK have no idea how much I needed that!