September 30, 2011

3D View in Google Maps

I believe we often times overlook the AMAZING capabilities of Google Maps. Many times we get caught up the the glorious attributes of Google Earth that we overlook just what Google Maps has to offer. Unlike Google Earth, Google Maps is an internet based program that you will never need to download or update.  With the use of an LCD projector it becomes a virtual Atlas.

Today I learned of the new feature 3d view. Now, in addition to seeing directions in a 2d view, our students can view them in 3d. It's like taking a virtual helicopter ride!

To test the beauty of this feature I suggest you start your destination at my favorite place in the United States, Bar Harbor Maine and end your route at Acadia National Park. Click the "3D" play button. Google maps will automatically go into "Earth View" and start your flight. You can pause your flight and look around anytime by clicking the pause button. To resume the flight just click the play button found on the lower left of the 3d view.


I would love to know how you use Google Maps in your class?  Click the comments below.


  1. Hi Robin! It is important to add that in order to have the 3D feature running in Google maps, the Google Earth plug-in must be installed in your computer.
    I am a Physics teacher, so I´m trying to integrate this with my school´s geography teacher. She teaches Geography and I will use the same location to teach distance, displacement, speed, and velocity.

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  3. Thanks Jose, I did not realize that. I guess I already had the plug-in. Your lesson sounds fantastic. I believe students will benefit from your cross curricular approach. Thanks for sharing and please keep me updated on your progress. Your students are lucky to have you for their teacher.

  4. Well, I realized the fact because I did not have the plug-in installed (good for me, huh...). Thank you for your words, I bet your students love you and your class. Please keep posting about all this tech resources you find. I have been posting a little about them in my own blog.
    Be blessed.

  5. Ooops, grammar mistake: "this", instead of "these". My bad....