August 29, 2011

Quiz Star

I have found another amazing FREE quiz maker! Quiz star was designed for quizzes but I am also using it for simple surveys.

Creating a quiz is simple and the great part is that all of the results are stored on your Quiz Star account.


Here are some advantages to using Quiz Star:
  • quizzes are scored automatically
  • quiz scores given in both raw score and percentages
  • quiz scores can be downloaded to teacher computer using a spreadsheet format for easy grading and printing
  • able to incorporate images and other documents into quizzes
  • individual instructions can be included for each question
  • students (and parents) can access their own account to review old quizzes and to take assigned quizzes
  • teachers are given their own account to view classes, quizzes, and quiz reports
  • quizzes can be given in multiple languages (Yeah for our foreign language teachers)

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