July 8, 2011


Have you seen Shmoop? In their words "Shmoop will make you a better lover (of literature, history, life)." When you take a minute to look around Shmoop, you will be simply delighted!

These are not your "Mothers Literature Guides"...Shmoop
makes learning and writing more fun and relevant for students in the digital age.

Take a look at this sample: The Great Gatsby

As you can see, the teen-friendly language hooks the student right away. However, that is just the first taste of what Shmoop is all about. These amazing educators go on to actually find connections between The Great Gatsby to Twilight, Desperate Housewives, and The Sopranos. How's that for a hook?

Shmoop is a site designed by educational experts in more the ten subject areas, including Literature, Poetry, Shakespeare, Bestsellers, US History, Civics, Economics, Biography, Music and Pre-Algebra. You will be ecstatic when you discover all that Shmoop offers you and your students to help stimulate those creative juices!

Shmoop writers come from Ph.D. and Masters programs at Stanford, Harvard, and Berkeley. On behalf of Middle School and High School teachers around the world.....THANK YOU!

BONUS: Shmoop also offers test preparation and teacher resources.

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  1. Hi Robin, thank you kindly for the glowing recommendation of Shmoop. Can we send you a Shmoop t-shirt as a token of our affection? If so, just drop a line to support@shmoop.com. Thanks again!