July 10, 2011

Math Matters:Off-Road Algebra

I found this very cool video series that connects the world of Off-Road Motorcycle Racing to Pre-Algebra!


There are 30 related problems for off-road algebra, each with an accompanying digital resources. You can find them here.
Problem 1: Conversion between gallons and liters
Problem 2: Miles per gallon
Problem 3: Gallons per mile
Problem 4: Velocity x time = distance, Part 1
Problem 5: Velocity x time = distance Part 2
Problem 6 (not available)
Problem 7: Comparing decibels
Problem 8: (not available)
Problem 9: Slopes and Ramps, Part 1
Problem 10: Slopes and Ramps, Part 2
Problem 11: Playing catch up, Part 1
Problem 12: Playing catch up, Part 2
Problem 13: GPS Axis
Problem 14: GPS conversion
Problem 15: GPS distance
Problem 16: Mixing Gas and Oil
Problem 17: Margin of Victory
Problem 18: Lap Time Math
Problem 19: Trac Turn Angles
Problem 20: Number of Revolutions
Problem 21: Inside and Outside a Wheel
Problem 22: Choosing between mean and median
Problem 23: Cylinder Volume
Problem 24: Comparing the Volume
Problem 25: Graphing the Ride
Problem 26: Acceleration, Part 1
Problem 27: Acceleration, Part 2
Problem 28: Acceleration, Part 3
Problem 29: Calculating with the contact patch
Problem 30: Tire Aspect Ratio

The site is offered to us through Hot Chalk. What a great way to integrate real world problems with math class!

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  1. WOW! I can really see kids getting excited to solve these math problems. What a great way to bring authenticity into learning math concepts.

    Thanks for sharing!