June 29, 2011


You will flip when you see the educational possibilities that are available to us through the new web site educaplay! AMAZING!

Educaplay is a platform we can use to create FREE multimedia teaching activities. Take a look at my samples.


Jumbled Sentence

Jumbled Word

Cross Word Puzzle


Fill In the Blank

In addition to these activities you can also create
  • dialogue
  • dictation
  • quiz
  • map

I think this site is authored by Spanish speaking educational technologists. I had a tiny bit of problem with the language in the directions. It was definitely worth the troubles!

You need to take some time to look at this site. BRAVO Educaplay!


  1. Incredible post!

    As you may have seen, making activities with http://en.educaplay.com is really fast and easy.

    Once signed up, it only takes two minutes to make your own activities.


  2. I'm starting to make a platform to send data and insert it in games.
    It's only the starting point right now, but you can test it at http://edulu.tm.com.mx