June 14, 2011

APA Wikispace

I believe that writing, like reading, is an enabling skill that has a direct impact on academic proficiency. My school is beginning the process of requiring all students to write in APA/MLA format. I want to help facilitate that process so I designed an APA * reference wikispace.

The wiki is located at http://edge-apa.wikispaces.com/.

My next step is to design a wikispace devoted to the MLA style of writing.
Please feel free to use this wiki or pass it on.

* I WAS NOT BORN AN APA QUEEN AND DO NOT CLAIM TO BE AN APA EXPERT! If you see something that I stated wrong, please let me know!

In fact, when I asked my twitter pln for an APA expert, @theory249 said "Those don't exist.... they are mythical creatures! Not even the writers of the books are experts!" #loveit

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