May 30, 2011

Myna (Garage Band for EVERYONE!)

One of my very favorite thing about using a Mac computer is Garage Band. In fact, Garage Band was the software application that made me a Mac believer. I quickly found that not only did I like Garage Band, my students LOVED Garage Band.

Here is the problem: Garage Band is a Mac only application. My students love Mac computers, however, not many of them have them at home. I have been asked a million times "Can I get Garage Band at home?" Up until now, I have had to say no. However, I have finally found an answer.

I have found a FREE web based audio editor called Myna. This editor is so Garage Band like that my students found it effortless to use.

Dare I say this may be, close your ears Steve, better then Garage Band? Why? Because this is web based, students can start working on a project a school and continue working on it at home.

My school year is coming to a close and I have no time to plan a project with this application; however, I can imagine using Myna to
  • produce weekly podcast
  • record substitute plans
  • create digital stories
  • record foreign language projects
Do you have other ideas?

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  1. Catching up on my Reader and found this waiting for me. Can't wait to check it out. Thanks Robin.