April 12, 2011


My very good friend Kathy Korty told me of a new site today. Stixy is a new way for students, educators, parents and others to collaborate online. We start out with a blank virtual bulletin board. Using the Stixy widgets we can easily add content or functionality to our board, positioning them anywhere. We can add notes, photos, documents, or to-do items. We also have several options when it comes to sharing with others. After being published they can be private or public with or without rights to add or remove files.

This is a new program for me so I set up a sample Stixy. The first thing that came to my mind a student portfolio.

A Paperless Classroom: Set up a Stixy to

  • Give and receive assignments
  • Assign Web-Based tasks
  • Display a collection of writing prompts
  • Display a Classroom Calendar complete with a To-Do section
  • Gather thoughts from the class: Which book would you like to read next?
  • Create a board full of questions on a new curriculum topic
What other ideas can you think of?

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