April 9, 2011


Can educators use this service?
January 1st I made a resolution to take and post one photo everyday for the next 365 days. I never imagined how much I would enjoy my resolution. Somehow, this little act, helps me concentrate on all of the good things in my life during this time of educational uncertainty.

Through my twitter PLN I learned of a great service offered by ShutterCal. ShutterCal 365 is a calendar-based daily photography project. The developers of this brilliant website have made it easy for their users to upload and journal about their photos. I knew that word, journal, would get your attention.


Recently, I had a discussion with Scott from ShutterCal. He is one of the original developers of the website and is very helpful. I asked him if he had ever considered a ShutterCal 184. I suggested that there may be educators who would be interested in using their service for the 184 days we are in session. (Ohio Schools)

  • Teachers could assign a daily student photographer to take one photo of the day. The photo can then be uploaded to the site during the evening so the student will be able to journal about it the next day.
  • If you are fortunate to teach in a lab that is equipped with web cams, students could take a photo of themselves and journal daily.
  • Art teachers could have an artist of the day and post a photo of their work.
  • Teachers could have a student of the day and post their photo. The student would be responsible to journal about themselves.

ShutterCal offers a monthly printing service that I believe educators and parents will be interested in. I wish I had a photo journal of my first year of teaching. How different would my photo journal look then it does now?

So, what do you think? Can we use this service? Please let me know in the comment below.


  1. Love the ShutterCal 184 (Or 180 in Iowa) idea! It would give authenticity to the calendar!

    I did start a 365 day project ... but it fell by the wayside. It was a very easy system to use.

    Love your idea of a photo journal of your first year of teaching. That is NOW on my list for my first year as principal ... someday!

    Thanks for the great idea!


  2. I am a fellow Ohio educator. I would love to be able to chronicle my next school year in pictures. Keep us posted

  3. You know the dreaded question students get asked every day when they get home... "What did you learn in school today?" Students could easily upload a photo of something they learned, write a brief journal about it, and then just have parents check their ShutterCal. The journal would almost be like an "exit slip" for the classroom teacher too, to see what the students learned/remembered from the day's lesson. Cool!

  4. Jill, I agree! What a great idea!