April 6, 2011

Scale City: Proportional Reasoning

Your secondary math students are going to LOVE Scale City! While students explore interactive "roadside attractions" they are learning about the mathematics of scale. Each "attraction" includes a short video and an interactive activity. This fun web activity has been made available to us by the Kentucky Department of Education.


"Dinosaur Land"

One-dimensional scaling: Using proportions and the known height of an object to find an unknown height.

"Louisville Slugger Museum"

One-dimensional scaling: Using similar triangles and shadows to find an unknown height.

"World of Mural Painting"

Two-dimensional scaling: Seeing what happens to area when the dimensions of murals are increased proportionally.

"Greetings from Miniature Land"

Three-dimensional scaling: Increasing the dimensions of a house by a factor of 10.

"Greeting from the World Chicken Festival"

Scaling up recipes and a skillet to cook for a crowd.

BONUS: Don't miss the "Teacher's Diner" where you will find lesson plans complete with handouts and other resources.