April 20, 2011

Handwritten Fonts

I found a new blog today. It's like a birthday gift! The blog is called "The Rapid E-Learning Blog" and it is stuffed full of fun technology tips. The author, Tom Kuhlmann, makes me want to sit down with him over a steamy cup of Java and a warm blueberry muffin and start absorbing his knowledge and enthusiasm.

The first post I read was about the power of fonts. I have never really given this topic much thought. I am a "Georgia 12 pt" gal and have been happy........till now!


I am quickly becoming a fan of adding in some "handwritten" fonts.

Picture this....... A student hands in a paper and you want to add some comments. Let's take a look both ways.

Now I ask you? Which would you rather read?

Here is the fun part! We can make our own handwritten fonts! Mr. Kuhlmann demonstrates how in this easy to follow video. BUT WAIT....IT GETS BETTER!

He has given us a gift of his handwritten fonts, ready to download and use.
Thank you Mr. Kuhlmann. You are the best! J

1 comment:

  1. super cool... i love fonts, and i can't wait to check this out!