March 21, 2011

Study Stack

I found a new tool for my "tech tool belt" today. Study Stack is an online flash card maker that brings this 20th century study tool into the the 21st century world. Once you have your words and definitions entered in your students can choose between eleven activities to begin their studies. (Study Stack has a wealth of saved stacks from other teachers ready for immediate use.)

If you are an Edmodo or Schoology user you can embed these stacks directly into your student news feed.

Please Note: I had to adjust the sizing of the embed code to fit on my blog. They are full size when you use the full size embed code.
Study Stack

Study Table

Flashcards and educational games by StudyStack

Bonus: There's an app for that!
I promised this was 21st century learning. Study Stack offers our students an easy way to upload their stacks to their cellular devices.

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