March 25, 2011

Study Blue

I have been looking at StudyBlue for a couple of days. The more I look, the more impressed I am. I believe this may be a great tool for our students to use. Study Blue is a brilliant online note taker and flash card maker. Study materials are accessible anywhere that students have an internet connection and even from their phone or ipods. That is hitting our students right where they live. Think about it, they can study anywhere they have their phones or ipods!

Take a look at these Twitter flash cards:

Matt Messinger,, from Study Blue is an amazing resource and is ready,
willing and able to answer any of our questions. I asked him what would
be the benefits of having ateacher account.

There are several benefits for teachers (and students). All features
of StudyBlue are always available for both teachers and students.

1) Users (both teachers and students) can easily create a flashcard
deck and share it with their students/peers -- using the Share button
on the site.
2) Users can press a button to automatically convert a flashcard deck
into a multiple choice / true/false quiz. StudyBlue grades the quiz
automatically and then students can share their quiz grades with their
teachers. Saving teachers from needing to grade.
3) Teachers can post their lecture notes and powerpoints for their
class to access.
4) Teachers can store all of their course materials for their classes,
so they can access them each term.
5) Students can study a flashcard deck and get reminders via text
messages to study that deck again.

I hope you will have time to check out this fantastic 21st century learning tool.


  1. Love this - I haven't checked too deeply but wonder can pictures or graphics be added?

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Nancy,
    Yes, you can add images. If you're studying vocab, for example, you can put a picture of the vocab word on the flashcard. In terms of graphics (e.g. an Excel chart) you could take a screenshot of it and then upload it to a flashcard. Shoot me an email matt (at) studyblue (dot) com if I can provide more info.

  3. Thanks Robin and Matt for this wonderful resource! I'm sure I'll be hooked in no time!