March 10, 2011

Khan Academy

Have you seen this astonishing FREE website for math teachers and students. Khan Academy covers everything from addition to calculus. Students log in and earn awards for their achievements. Teachers and parents can see very detailed data about the progress of the student.

Take a look at one of the reports you can see on Khan Academy. These reports tell you vital statistics, achievements and recent activities.

Here is the fantastic part. The good people of the Khan Academy have posted over 2,100 videos and they are linked to the individual self-paced exercises. The idea is if a student struggles with that exercise, help is a click away.

I can think of many ways Khan Academy can be used:
  • a Digital Textbook
  • Virtual Help: Students can watch videos directly from their smart phones
  • Review Day
  • Summer Academy
  • "Flip" Teaching
  • Enrichment or Gifted Offerings
  • Remediation Work
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Snow Day Instruction
  • Substitute Plans
I am sure their are countless other ways. Can you think of others?

1 comment:

  1. Great, informative post about the Khan Academy! I am currently working with a teacher and a student. He is a 4th grader that is excelling in math. He needs the enrichment. The student is doing well with the program. He is excited that is is learning new concepts in math.