March 3, 2011

Intel: Seeing Reason Tool

Intel brings us yet another amazing collaboration tool, Seeing Reason. Using this tool students can create visual maps of the factors and relationships in a cause-and-effect investigation. Just like the Visual Ranking Tool, the Seeing Reason tool allows for teams of learners to work together. While teams are having a conversation about their ideas, Seeing Reason allows them to organize their thoughts into a visual diagram.


  • When you double click on a factor box you will see how students described a factor that relates to the topic.
  • When you scroll over the relationship arrows a statement is displayed about the relationship.
  • A blue arrow indicates that an increase in one factor causes an increase in another factor.
  • A red arrow indicates that an increase in one factor causes a decrease in another factor.
  • There is also a comment section below the box.
I will admit there is a slight learning curve to this tool, however, I believe it is worth the time. Depending on the age of your students, they may be able to follow the online tutorial.

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