March 31, 2011

Google Public Data Explorer

I'm sure that all states have some type of standard that addresses the issue of students being able to read, and interpret charts and graphs. The incredible people in the Google Labs have designed the Google Public Data Explorer. When you first look at it, it is a cool tool. When you take a second look, you are blown away!


I decided while having my students working on this standard I would also take this opportunity to discuss unemployment . My hope is that I will be able to build some empathy for those students who have two working parents and some comfort for those who don't.

First we are presented with a typical line chart.

Next, we see our bar chart. Typical, except check out the play button!

Next, we can look at a Map Chart.

Finally, we have a bubble chart.

Time and time again, Google amazes me. When I think back about how I learned to read charts and graphs, from a textbook, I am just simply delighted.

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