February 5, 2011


LinoIt is a virtual wall that you and your students can post virtual sticky notes on. Unlike regular sticky notes, we can add urls, photos, and movies. We can make it collaborative and embed into our class blogs and wikis.

This is a LinoIt that I used in my Computer Class. My students had just learned the basics of PowerPoint and were assigned a presentation. I wanted to get a better idea of what each student was working on so I created a a quick LinoIt. My students loved making the stickies and I quickly got an idea of what they were focusing on.

How Can I Use LinoIt in My Class Room?
  • A fun "kwl" chart
  • Question/Answer
  • Students could search for images and post them on LinoIt (Geometry Shapes, Animal Classifications, etc)
  • Teacher could post assignment along with helpful links
  • Class Surveys
  • Parental Surveys
  • Students could post their work.
  • Book Reports
Let's have some FUN! Hover your mouse over the gray "Linoit in your Classroom?" to grab a sticky note.

Thanks to @boonielu for this GREAT idea! I'm picturing groups creating a shared canvas for a project. Perhaps each student w/a color/part of a topic?

NOTE: I have also used Wallwisher which is very similar. One of the most interesting ways I have read about using Wallwisher was a class that created a "Wall of Honor" on Veterans Day. I can hardly wait until next Veterans Day. I am going to try to make a school wide "Wall of Honor" through our social studies classes. I would imagine we all know a Veteran.


  1. Hi, Robin! I love your blog and visit it frequently for ideas and tech support. Thanks so much! Quick question, on Linoit, can anyone post on these or only those with access to the link? Just trying to keep it safe for kids. :)

  2. Hi Jamie, Thanks for your kind words. I have never thought of this issue. I would suppose anyone with the link could post, however, it would be difficult to find the link through a search. I always post mine for the day and then delete them at the end of the day. Hope that helps.