February 2, 2011


iCyte is an online bookmark and annotation tool that looks intimidating at first but is worth the time to get to know. I have been a delicious user for many years (rphares1) however, I think I am changing over to iCyte.
Here are a few of the top reasons I like iCyte:
  • iCyte gives us the ability to highlight the section of the website that we found.
  • When we save an item in iCyte an archive of the website is saved in our iCyte account. That means it will forever be available, even if the website server is not.
  • We can highlight and cite PDFs.
  • We can create "projects" to share our bookmarks with students or colleagues .
  • We can create "public projects" so others can add their bookmarks.
  • We can embed a project into our wikis or blogs.
  • IT'S FREE FOR TEACHERS! ( Make sure you sign up for an educators discount.)
This is a quick iCyte that I made of some of my top take-aways of the Ohio eTech Conference 2011.

How Can I Use iCyte in My Classroom?
  • This would be a great way to present age appropriate links for a student research project.
  • Students could collaborate on researching a topic and gather their research in an iCyte project.
  • Teachers could set up an iCyte project to share links with each other.
I am sure you have more ideas. Please comment below to share your ideas.

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