January 12, 2011

Word Stash

I believe that flash cards are a great way to help our students with their studies; however, many times online flash cards are designed for younger students. Today, thanks to my twitter PLN, I found an application designed for older students, WordStash. WordStash allows you to create and customize your own digital flashcards. You can create flash cards with anything, dates for history class, vocabulary for french class, or words for the SAT.
Once you have entered in your words, you can choose to enter the "practice mode" where you are quizzed with random fill in the blank and multiple choice questions. Next, you can choose "learning mode" where WordStash will track how well you know each word.


This is such a great application. You could make the flash cards in advanced for your students. I would recommend allowing your upper middle school students or high school students to create their own accounts and create their own flash cards.

Please let me know if you have success with WordStash by commenting below.


  1. Hi Robin , this is really such a great web2.0 tool i will definately try it with my students . by the way i am very glad i fell upon this blog of yours , it is really great keep it up .

  2. Thank you so much. Sometimes you just wonder if people are reading. I try really hard to make it short and sweet because everyone is busy.
    Thanks for reading!