January 24, 2011

Teen Tribune/Tween Tribune

If your students are anything like my students, current events are NOT their strong point. They just don't have time for such trivial things. I have found an exciting website that will help us reach our students and keep them up to date with what is going on in their world.

Teen Tribune and Tween Tribune presents our students with the news, however, they go one step further. They allow them to interact with the news. Students can comment on the articles and from what I have read there are some really interesting conversations going on.

Teen and Tween Tribune have made it easy for teachers to stay in command of what their classes are doing on these sites. It is very easy to register your class. After registration, Teen and Tween Tribune will set up classrooms for you where your students register.

Here comes the best part! This amazing site automatically generates custom reports for you. They have given the teacher the power to moderate, edit, or delete students' comments before they're published. You can even generate a custom individual report where there is a space for you to critique the writing, analysis, or critical thinking reflected in their comments. All of this for FREE! Amazing!

I hope you will take some time and look at this site. It's a keeper!


  1. Can't wait to try this resource.

  2. A colleague and I have been using Tween Tribune for some time, as part of our "Current Events" Homebase, and really love it! We enjoy that our students are able to use the "directory" to easily find stories related to their interests. This is an excellent resource for teachers and I'd love to see some of our LA or SS teachers begin to use this as part of their curriculum. ...very well done!

  3. I have been sharing articles from Tween Tribune with my reading students,sometimes asking them to respond in writing, so the student comment section with reports is an awesome addition to this motivating web site.

  4. I have used Tween and Teen Tribune with my 8th grade language arts students for two years. They love the freedom to choose articles that interest them. Sometimes, they just read and comment. Sometimes, I have them write specific feedback like a summary to check comprehension. A terrific resource!

  5. I am so excited about using Tween Tribune this year with my 8th grade language arts students.